Five weeks from now, April 11, I will travel to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio to take my 2nd rheumatology recertification exam—rheumatologists must recertify every ten years.
Prior to taking the exam, physicians complete multiple open-book tests and complete a tedious exercise referred to as a “practice improvement module.”  So I have been spending the past several months studying at home every evening. All of this is quite labor intensive but, I must admit, it’s helpful.
Reading and rereading to refresh old knowledge and reinforce newer information keeps me on my toes. And as painstaking as this whole process is, I do it to stay current and able to offer patients the best possible care. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about—providing excellent care to the patients who trust me.
Having said that, I can’t wait until April 11 is over. After that, I can resume reading at a more leisurely pace, and when I go to Kings Island, it will be for fun.