I slipped on the ice and shattered my left shoulder this past winter. It’s been 13 weeks since the injury and I now have new empathy for those who have broken bones. Fortunately, I did not require surgery, and my Orthopedist, Dr. Peter Cha, of Beacon Orthopedics, continues to be encouraged each time he sees me. Likewise, my physical therapist, Allyson, at Reconstructive Orthopedics, remains totally optimistic that I will have a complete recovery. As a doctor, I share their optimism. As a patient, however, I am not so patient. It’s been over three months since the injury and I still struggle to get dressed. On the other hand, I am light years better than I was at first and I see progress each day. Plus, I am so grateful that I have access to good medical care and my prognosis is good. I am also grateful that I can continue to offer help and hope to my patients who I see a little differently now.