Navigating the maze of managing and maintaining a medical practice today is increasingly difficult. Often, I wish that on any given day I could see my patients, collect a reasonable amount of money for my service, pay my staff and myself, and go home. But practicing medicine has become much more complex than that. Between insurance hassles, demands for medical offices to become “paperless,” decreasing reimbursement rates, and multitudes of forms to fill out for essentially everything, the challenge to stay focused on patient care escalates.
I love taking care of patients. And I actually love the business end of practicing medicine. That is why I continue to have a solo, subspecialty practice after 25 years. But I must admit that I didn’t anticipate so much change in how I practice medicine at this point in my career. So now I look forward to tackling the new hurdles of being a self-employed doctor as I continue to connect with and hopefully help the person who sits in front of me—even if a computer sits between us.